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Human Normal Tissue RNA

Luminous BioSciences offers high quality total RNA from human normal and tumor tissues.  The tissues were procured by IRB approved facility and RNA were isolated carefully to ensure no degradation.  The RNAs were isolated from single or multiple donors and are available from the following tissues:

Breast • Colon • Kidney • Liver • Lung • Ovary and Prostate

Total RNA is extracted from normal tissues using guanidine isothiocyanate–phenol:chloroform extraction method which allows the rapid isolation of total RNA.  RNA is treated with RNase-free DNase to remove residual DNA. The integrity of each RNA sample as verified by denatured agarose gel electrophoresis. The purity of RNA is also assessed by spectrophotometer A260/A280.

The RNA is ideal for RT-PCR/q-PCR analysis, rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) and expression analysis using micro-arrays or qRT-PCR .


  • Tissue Specific Total RNA
  • Instructional Manual

Storage and Stability

Total RNA is provided in RNase-free water at a concentration of 1 mg/ml and shipped on dry ice. The RNA should be stored at -80°C. If stored properly the components are stable for SIX months.

Custom Services

Luminous BioSciences also offers custom services for isolation of total RNA, mRNA, miRNA of any tissue of any tissue, blood or serum. Please contact customer our services department for more information about your customized needs.


The RNA is only recommended to be used for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY. None of the components should be used for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

Human Normal Tissue RNA
Human Normal Tissue RNA PRODUCTS
Product Catalog Size Price Qty  
Human Breast Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 01 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Brain Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 02 0.02 mg $99.00
Human Colon Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 03 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Heart Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 04 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Kidney Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 05 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Liver Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 06 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Lung Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 07 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Ovary Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 08 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Prostate Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 09 0.02 mg $99.00
Human Placenta Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 10 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Rectum Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 11 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Spleen Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 12 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Stomach Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 13 0.05 mg $99.00
Human Testis Normal Tissue RNA
TC5110 - 14 0.05 mg $99.00