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Custom Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Services

Transfection Grade Plasmid DNA  production  - for Research use

Pharmaceutical Pre-clinical Grade Plasmid DNA production

Luminous Bio offers customized plasmid midi prep (1 mg), maxi prep (5 mg), giga prep (10 mg), small and large-scale (100 mg – 10 gram quantity) plasmid DNA isolation services that will be endotoxin free and thus will be suitable for transfection and animal studies to both biotechnology researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Bacterial cultures containing plasmids are grown in special media and Plasmid DNA is isolated using Luminous Bio’s proprietary technology that yields high quality plasmid DNA.

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Custom Plasmid

OUR advantages

  • High transfection efficiency plasmid DNA
  • Isolated Plasmid DNA is guaranteed to have very low endotoxin
  • Guaranteed Yield for high copy plasmid DNA
  • Fast turn around time (4+ days depending on the yield and type of plasmid preparation)
  • Custom Plasmid DNA will be Free of RNA, Chromosomal DNA and Proteins
  • Plasmid DNA is supplied in choice of your formulation and concentration

Typical quality control specifications

  • Purity of the Plasmid DNA by A260/A280 Ratio
  • Residual E. coli (host) RNA and DNA Test by PCR
  • Residual Protein levels by Bradford Assay
  • Endotoxin test by LAL Assay
  • Identity of the plasmid DNA by Restriction Digestion and DNA Sequencing*
  • Sterility (Bioburden)* for Microbial Contamination

* Bioburden Assay is performed only for Pharmaceutical Grade Plasmid Manufacturing Services while DNA sequencing is done only at special request - additional charges apply

Sample Submission Requirements

  • Plasmid DNA (2-5 μg) or Glycerol Stock
  • Restriction map and Antibiotic resistance information

Luminous Plasmid Sample Data Sheet

Luminous Plasmid Order Form

Additional Services

  • Production & Analysis of Master Cell Bank
  • Third Party Confirmation of Results
  • Custom Formulations and Packaging


Please e-mail or call us about your custom plasmid prep inquiries as follows:

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Custom Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Services WE OFFER

Name Catalog Price Quantity    
Transfection Grade Plasmid DNA - Midi Prep
Size: 1 mg DNA (High copy plasmids only, low copy plasmids are priced per liter)
LS110-1 $175.00
Transfection Grade Plasmid DNA - Maxi Prep
Size: 5 mg DNA (High copy plasmids only, low copy plasmids are priced per liter)
LS110-2 WAS $370.00
NOW $296.00
Transfection Grade Plasmid DNA - Mega Prep
Size 10 mg DNA (High copy plasmids only, low copy plasmids are priced per liter)
LS110-3 WAS $595.00
NOW $476.00
Pharmaceutical Grade Plasmid DNA Preparation
Size: 50 mg - 1 gram DNA
LS112 $0.00 Quote Request