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Genomic Library Construction Services

Customized Genomic Libraries in Plasmid, Lambda or Cosmid Vectors

Luminous BioSciences offers high-quality customized genomic libraries in plasmid, lambda or cosmid vectors. Our staff has over ten years of experience in constructing genomic libraries from variety of cells and tissues such as:

Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey, Pig, Plants, Soil, Algae, Bacteria, Fungus, Yeast, Fruit Fly, Protozoa, Fish, etc.

Our Advantages

  • Size-fractionated large insert genomic library (average insert sizes: 10-15 kb - lambda or 20-30 kb - cosmid library)
  • Choice of vector for library construction (plasmid, cosmid or lambda phage vectors)
  • Low vector background and high percentage of recombinants (over 90% recombinant)
  • Large number of primary clones (2 - 3 million)
  • Test for T1 phage contamination in E. coli
  • Library amplification at no additional cost

Restriction Digestion profile of random clones
        from a Cosmid Library Prepared by lbs

Genomic Library

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Genomic Library Construction Services WE OFFER

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Custom Plasmid Library Construction
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Custom Lambda Library Construction
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Custom Cosmid Library Construction
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