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Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services

Luminous BioSciences offers high quality custom DNA oligos that are synthesized according to your needs. We provide DNA oligo synthesis from 10 base to 200 bases.

  • All prices include a Molecular Biology Grade purification
  • Yields are exactly determined by UV-absorption at 260 nm
  • Oligonucleotides are provided in a final concentration of 100 pmol/µl
  • Oligonucleotides shorter than 8 bases are only lyophilized and not desalted (for desalting DS-grade purification is essential)
  • Several options for internal 5'- and 3'- DNA and RNA modifications are available
  • We also offer different labels (Biotin, Dig and fluorescent and non-fluorescent dyes)

 molecular biology grade oligo purification

Salts, base protecting groups and short failure sequences up to 6 bases are removed efficiently. The amount of full length product depends on chain length and coupling yield. A typical 20 mer with an average coupling yield of 98.5 % is composed to 70 % of full length product. This purification is recommended for oligonucleotides with a chain length up to 30 bases for standard molecular biology applications such as PCR, sequencing, etc..

HPLC grade Oligo or PAGE - Purification

Apart from salts and base protecting groups, the trityl-on HPLC step efficiently removes trityl-off failure sequences. The purity of the product depends on the nature and length of the sequence. We recommend this purification for all applications where full-length or high reproducibility are essential, including: cloning, PCR, mutagenesis, probes, modified oligonucleotides and oligonucleotides longer than 40 bases. This method is not able to remove trityl-on failure sequences.

We can also purify the oligos by PAGE.  This service is only available for oligos 100 nM and above.

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Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services WE OFFER

Name Catalog Price Quantity    
Oligonucleotide Synthesis - 10 nM
LS9170-10 $0.35
Oligonucleotide Synthesis - 1000 nM
LS9170-1000 $1.75
Oligonucleotide Synthesis - 20 nM
LS9170-20 $0.40
Oligonucleotide Synthesis - 200 nM
LS9170-200 $0.75
Oligonucleotide Synthesis - 50 nM
LS9170-50 $0.60
Oligonucleotide Purification
50 nm - 1 um
LS9171 $0.00 Quote Request
Oligonucleotide Labelling
LS9172 $0.00 Quote Request