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Human Normal and Tumor Tissue ReadyWestern™ Immuno Blot

Luminous BioSciences offers pre-made ReadyWestern™ Immuno Blots from various human normal and tumor tissues. These blots are prepared from high quality tissue total proteins which are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures before fractionation through large SDS-PAGE gels and blotting onto PVDF membranes.

Blots can be used to:

• Assess specific protein expression across different tissues
• Determine size and relative abundance of protein in different tissues
• Ideal for testing cross-reactivity of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies across species


• ReadyWestern™ Immuno blots are prepared from the lysates prepared from hard-to-obtain human normal and tumor tissues
• Saves time and labor by eliminating tedious and time-consuming laboratory procedures
• Economical – Cost of tissues, lysate preparation, western blotting and QC
• Reusable for at least two times, just strip and use with other antibody Quality control:

ReadyWestern™Blots are made from high quality tissue lysates that are homogenized in modified RIPA buffer containing cocktail of protease and phosphatase inhibitors. The quality of protein as tested by the absence of smear (no degradation) and sharpness and resolution of protein bands are verified by denatured SDS-PAGE with Coomassie blue staining.  The efficiency of transfer is routinely checked by staining protein on membranes with reversible Ponceau staining.   The integrity of the blotted protein is tested by Immuno staining with beta-actin antibody Description: The total protein (50 micrograms from each lysate) are mixed with 2x SDS sample buffer, boiled for 10 minutes and electrophoresed on 4 - 20% SDS-PAGE and electro blotted onto PVDF membranes


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Storage and Stability

From time of receipt, this product is stable for SIX months at – 20°C or 12 months at – 70°C.

Customized Blot

We can prepare custom blots based on choice of your tissue lysates or sample loading preference.  Please contact us to discuss your customized western blot.

If a tissue is not listed in our catalog we can customize your research needs.  For your specific needs, please do not hesitate to Contact Us via e-mail or call us at +1-301-296-8436.



For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Human Normal and Tumor Tissue ReadyWestern™ Immuno Blot
Human Normal and Tumor Tissue ReadyWestern™ Immuno Blot PRODUCTS
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Human Normal Tissue ReadyWestern™ Immuno Blot
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Customized Human Tissue ReadyWestern™ Immuno Blot
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