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Cell Culture Services

Luminous BioSciences offers expansion of common mammalian and insect cell lines such as HeLa, CHO, Hybridoma, blood lines, MDCK, Vero, and HEK293 that can be designed to fit your specific project requirements.  


Services offered using customer provided cells:

  • Growth of Mammalian Cell Lines or Hybridomas in Plates or Flasks (100 ml-1L) or Bags or Cell Factory (1-100 L)
  • Cloning of GOI, Isolaton of Plasmid DNA Generation of Stable Transfection pools and Expression Analysis
  • Generation of Stable Clonal Cell Lines
  • Master Cell Bank Production, Cryopreservation & Biobanking
  • Expansion of Insect Cells (Baculovirus contrcts) and Protein Purification
  • Expansion of Hybridomas and Antibody Purification
  • Mycoplasma Testing
  • Cell-based Assays - Cell Viability, Cell Proliferation, Cytotoxicity Assays and Cell Death Assays
  • Preparation of Cell Lysates and Whole Cell Pellets
  • Isolation of Cell Line Specific EXOSOMES

Our capabilities include primary human, mammalian, insect, and tumor cell cultures; hybridomas; protein concentration with tangential flow filtration; and conditioned media production. For all cell lines that we scale up, we store several low-passage sample vials in LN2 at no cost for up to six month - one year.

In order to discuss your specific needs, please call us at 301-296-8436 or email us at for additional information.

Cell Culture Services WE OFFER

Name Catalog Price Quantity    
Custom Cell Line Expansion Services
CLE001 $0.00 Quote Request
Custom Hybridoma Expansion Services
CLE002 $0.00 Quote Request
Custom Baculoviros/Insect Cells Expansion
CLE003 $0.00 Quote Request
Custom Mycoplasma Testing Services
CLE004 $0.00 Quote Request