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Gene Synthesis Services

Luminous BioSciences offers custom optimization and gene synthesis services along with cloning and expression services. Starting as low as $0.25 per base, we offer quality gene synthesis services with fast turn around.  Gene up to 2 kb are synthesized within two weeks while larger inserts take maximum of three-four weeks.  All our genes are synthesized in pUC based vector but for additional charge we can sub clone the gene of interest into your desired vector.

Outline of Gene Synthesis Services

  • Step 1: Contact our technical staff for quotation
  • Step 2: Upload your sequence for codon optimization and gene synthesis
  • Step 3: Gene synthesis and cloning into pUC vector
  • Step 4: Sequence verification
  • Step 5: Sub cloning (optional)


5-10 μg plasmid DNA of the construct, complete DNA sequence and project report.

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Gene Synthesis Services WE OFFER

Name Catalog Price Quantity    
Codon Optimization and Gene Synthesis
1-500 base pair
LS9140 $0.25
Codon Optimization and Gene Synthesis
501-1,500 base pair
LS9140 $0.35
Codon Optimization and Gene Synthesis
3,000-5,000 base pair
LS9140 $0.50