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Gene Cloning & Mutagenesis Services

Custom Sub-cloning Services

Starting from customer supplied plasmid construct or from cDNA synthesis, Luminous BioSciences provides customized cloning and sub-cloning services in choice of your vector. We offer following cloning options:

  • Gene Synthesis and Cloning Services: Starting from your sequence information, we will synthesize cDNA of interest and sub-clone into desired plasmid vector.
  • Sub Cloning Services: Excise desired insert and Sub-clone your gene into another vector.
  • PCR Cloning Services: PCR amplify ORF or desired sequence and sub-clone into desired vector.

All cloning works will be tested by restriction digestion and DNA sequencing (additional charges applies).  At the end of the project we will deliver 10 µg of cloned plasmid DNA, glycerol stock of the DNA and project report.

Custom Mutagenesis Services

In addition to the sub-cloning services we also offer custom site directed mutagenesis services.  These services are performed by inverse PCR, cloning, followed by DNA sequencing.

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Gene Cloning & Mutagenesis Services WE OFFER

Name Catalog Price Quantity    
Gene Synthesis and Cloning
Genes are synthesized and cloned into your desired vector
LS9150 $0.00 Quote Request
Sub Cloning Services
We offer cloning and sub-cloning services in your desired vector.
LS9151 $0.00 Quote Request
Custom PCR Cloning
We will amplify target sequence and sub clone in to desired vector
LS9152 $0.00 Quote Request
Custom Mutagenesis Services
Site specific mutations are generated by PCR
LS9153 $0.00 Quote Request