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Forgot Username and/or Password

Option 1

Using the Password hint. Type in the username field, the username used on your account, and click the [View Hint] button.

Option 2

Using the account access rescue. Please type in the email field, the email address used to register your account, and click the [Send Access] button. An email with your username and password will be sent to the email address provided.


Protecting yourself from account or identity theft

Keeping your personal information secure is one of our top priorities. You can help us protect your LBS account from unauthorized access. Here are important steps you can take to prevent others from gaining access to your account and personal information.

  • Keep your account details secure
  • Beware of spoof emails and websites
  • Monitor your account for suspicious activity
  • Install and update online protection software
  • Check that your personal information is current.
  • Provide a secondary phone number.
  • Review your password hint answer.

Recognizing spoof (fake) LBS websites

Fake (also called "spoof" or "phishing") emails and websites try to look like they're from real companies. They're a common way criminals try to steal your personal information. When you get an email or visit a website that asks you for personal information, especially things like passwords and account numbers, be very cautious.

What to do if you suspect account theft

If you suspect that someone knows your user ID and password, change your account information and take steps to secure your identity.

1. Try to sign into your account.
If you can't sign in, contact us immediately. If your account has been used without your permission, we'll work with you to secure your account. We'll request that you change your password and may place a temporary hold on your account.
If you can sign in, follow these steps to secure your account.

2. Change the password on your personal email account.
If someone can access your email, they may be able to access your LBS account. Make sure that the password for your email account is different from your LBS password.

3. Secure your LBS account.
Request a new LBS password.To confirm your identity, you'll be prompted to answer a few questions. Once you've answered at least one of the questions, we'll send you an email with instructions for changing your password. If you don't receive an email, make sure that the email address listed on your account is correct. Then, check the spam filtering settings on your email account to see if the filter is preventing you from receiving email from LBS. Read tips for creating a secure password.
Change the password hint answer on your account. If you don't have a password hint, you can create one now.
Verify the contact information on your account. If your account was compromised, the contact information may have been changed without your permission.

4. Protect your identity.
Keeping your identity safe is important to us. We help make sure that confidential information can't be accessed through your LBS account. However, if you provided confidential information through a fake website or by replying to a fake email, you should take measures to protect your identity.