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Pre PCR Repair Mix

The Pre-PCR Repair Mix contain cocktail of enzymes to repair damaged DNA to be used in polymerase chain reaction (PCR), micro-arrays and other applications.  The enzyme cocktail will repairs broad range of damaged DNA such as:

  • Nicks - Caused by Hydrolysis and Nuclease Shearing
  • Blocked 3'-Ends - Multiple Causes
  • Oxidized Pyrimidines - Caused by Oxidation
  • Damaged Cytosine - Caused by Hydrolysis
  • Oxidized Guanine - Caused by Oxidation
  • Abasic Sites - Caused by hydrolysis

In addition Pre-PCR Mix will also remove a variety of moieties from the 3'-end leaving OH group.  The enzyme cocktail will NOT repair 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyadenosines or DNA that are fragmented and has protein DNA crosslinks.

Applications and Highlights

  • To repair damaged DNA prior to PCR
  • Easy to use protocol

Kit Components

  • Pre-PCR Repair Mix
  • 10x Reaction Buffer
  • 100x NAD+ Solution
  • Control Damaged Lambda DNA
  • Control Lambda PCR Primer
  • Nuclease Free Water
  • Instruction Manual

Storage and Stability

Upon arrival, the kit components should be stored at -20°.  The kit components are stable for SIX months if stored at recommended temperature,


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Pre PCR Repair Mix
Product Catalog Size Price Qty  
Pre PCR Repair Mix
7541-1 20 Repair Reactions $120.00
Pre PCR Repair Mix
7541-2 100 Repair Reactions $320.00
Pre PCR Repair Mix
7541-3 500 Repair Reactions $0.00